Friends search for missing Shepherdsville man

Rick Brady
Rick Brady
Sgt. Troy Armstrong
Sgt. Troy Armstrong

By Katie Bauer - email | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Friends of a Kentuckiana attorney are taking to the streets to try to find 38-year-old Chad Smith, who has been missing for a week. While police are laying out the bizarre events in this case, friends are questioning a claim made by Smith's wife that he was suicidal.

Monday night, Rick Brady was among those who searched along Louisville's waterfront for their friend.

"There has got to be something wrong here, something is not right," said Brady, a longtime friend.

Brady says he last saw Smith at a birthday party, Saturday, Jan. 8.

"It's a shock because the people that hung out with him Saturday night never got any inclination that he was depressed," said Brady.

Brady says now he can only think the worst.

"If he was alive, he would have contacted me, he would never put his friends through this," said Brady.

Shepherdsville Police say on Monday, Jan. 10, they were called to the scene of a hit and run at the Waffle House in town. That's where they found Smith's wife, who said Chad dropped her off there, before he hit a car and left. In the report it states the couple got in a fight earlier that evening.

"Officers at that time, returned to the home with Ms. Smith and searched the home for her husband," said Sgt. Troy Armstrong.

Chad Smith wasn't there, but the car was there. According to the police report, the argument got heated. Mrs. Smith says her husband started pulling her hair, and smacking her in the face. That's when she told police, she took out a gun and fired it to scare him, and kept firing until the gun wouldn't shoot anymore, in fear that he would kill her.

That night, Mrs. Smith stayed at a hotel. She asked police to meet her at her house the next day.

"Officers respond to her house with her at which time the vehicle and her husband were not there," said Armstrong.

On Thursday, Jan. 13, Mrs. Smith filed a missing person report. On Jan. 14, Chad's car was found in downtown Louisville.

"Sometime during the night he came and got his car and drove away, that doesn't make sense, and then it ends up three days later in Louisville, a block away from the river, something is not adding up," said Brady.

That's why Brady started searching for any clues.

"I think there are other people involved, I think there is definitely something being hidden," said Brady.

Shepherdsville Police don't suspect foul play at this point. In the missing persons report, Smith's wife says he told her on the phone his leg was hurt. The assault report says Mrs. Smith had no marks on her face or head.

Another search was planned for Jan. 18, starting near the dock of the Belle of Louisville.

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