Former LMPD officer won't be getting job back

By Maira Ansari - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A former LMPD officer who was fired for viewing explicit photos and emailing nude photos of himself from his work computer will not be getting his job back.

Chris Dison went before a police merit board Tuesday. All six board members agreed with LMPD Police Chief Robert White's decision to fire Dison.

Dison had been with LMPD's 2nd Division for seven years. He was fired back in September 2010 after an anonymous tip lead to an investigation.

Police say Dison looked at numerous photos of nude women, some engaged in sexual acts while on his work computer in his patrol car. The investigation also found that Dison violated policy when he sent photos of himself in uniform along with nude and partially clothed pictures.

The news even made it on the Jay Leno Show. Chief Robert White said it was an embarrassment to the department and the community.

Dison said in the hearing he knew he wasn't supposed to use the department computer for lewd websites. But, stated he used his personal email and personal cell phone when he sent the inappropriate emails and pictures and shouldn't have been fired.

A board member asked Dison if police officers, on and off duty, should be held to a higher standard in their actions. Dison's response shocked board members.

"I believe police officers are held at higher standard sometimes unfairly than other individuals," said Dison.

"I find it difficult that you don't seem to understand there is a difference between you and the people you police," said board member Dr. Alex Moses, Senior.

"He doesn't get it," said Assistant County Attorney William Warner. "He doesn't get that he's held to a higher standard."

Dison has been in trouble before. In 2007, a report shows he put inappropriate statements and pictures on a web site while in a police car and in uniform.

That and two other violations caused him to get suspended for 19 days and issued a warning that any more violations of this nature would warrant his termination.

Dison has been unemployed since he was fired from LMPD. His attorney Mary Sharp says as for now, she isn't sure what Dison plans on doing next.

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