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Now Playing: "The Handyman", movie based on suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local man has made a film based on suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell even as the real-life story is still causing hurt and outrage. 

The 10-minute film titled "The Handyman" includes the things investigators say Anthony Sowell really did. He's accused of killing 11 women on Cleveland's east side.  

"I'm an entertainer first and foremost but I like to make films that are provocative it's gonna be a little controversial," Jay Johnson.

Gladys Wade is one of the women who told cops she survived an attack by Sowell. She is not happy about a film.

"That's horrifying. No respect for the victim's and the families and no sympathy for how they feel," Gladys Wade.

When asked if the film was glorifying Anthony Sowell the director replied, "I could see where people would think that and my goal is to not be sensational, but be interesting," said Jay Johnson.

Mr. Johnson calls it a true-crime film with a story that's fiction-'based' on Sowell.

"It's mostly a character study of how this guy functioned in a neighborhood for so long."

The director expects questions but competition too.

"Someone else is gonna come here and do it so we may as well do it," David LeMoyne, lead actor.  

The 10-minute film could be made into a full-length film if he wins a national contest for funding. The contest called "The 2nd Get it Made Competition" will award a $500,000 production contract to the winner. 

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