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Jeffersonville road crews prepare for snow

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JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Officials in southern Indiana are on stand-by, ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store. Crews have prepped their salt trucks and they are ready to hit the streets when need be.

Jeffersonville city crews have already been very busy on Wednesday. That's because they have already pre-treated a lot of the roadways, by applying a brine solution, which will make it difficult for snow and ice to stick to the streets.

"We know that we are not suppose to get rain before the snow tonight or before the snow starts overnight tonight, so we are able to pre-treat the streets with brine, so that's helpful right from the beginning," said Larry Thomas with the city of Jeffersonville.

For the last couple of winters, Jeffersonville has not used traditional salt to treat the streets,  what they've used is a product called ClearLane, and with this chemical deicer, they do not have to use as much.

"That allows us to use about 30 percent to 40 percent less ClearLane than to get the same effectiveness we would with rock salt," said Thomas.

Thomas says when they see the trucks working to remember to give them plenty of room to get their job done.

"A truck that heavy on ice or snow is going to take a little bit to stop and you just need to be aware of that," said Thomas.

Jeffersonville currently has 1,800 tons of their de-icer on hand, which is enough to cover a few snow falls.

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