Many JCPS parents agree with early dismissal

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - School was on and then it was off for students in Jefferson County.  JCPS called a half day because of the impending winter weather.  That meant many parents had to leave work early to pick up their kids, which could created problems for some, but overall most were glad with the decision.

"Me and my best friend, we were like dancing," said Kaiton Walker a student a Ballard High School.  "We were happy."

It was pretty much the same scene inside Westport Middle School.

"Mostly everybody screamed and happiness," said 8th grader Maira Bouza.

Still not all parents agree.

"I think it's kind of pre-mature," said Joe Liana picking up his grandson.

Logician was waiting with dozens of others at Zachary Taylor Elementary School  to pick up his grandson because his daughter couldn't leave work.

"Probably over half the kids in the school are two parents working, so you know there's staying," said Liana.  "They're going to have to get them sooner or later. I mean you're not going to put them on a bus and send them to an empty house. It makes no sense. It's going to be tough."

While others think JCPS made the right decision to let out class early.

"Doing half days to get their school days in is great for me," said parent Gayle Hessian.

Robin Walker, picking up her three daughters agrees.

"I agree with their decision to call off tonight because you know it's going to get nasty," said Walker.

The biggest decision for students was---should they take advantage of the weather or avoid it?

Some said they planned on going sledding, while others would stay inside where it's warm.

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