Ricky Kelly back in court

Ricky Kelly
Ricky Kelly

By Maira Ansari - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The man accused in eight cold case murders was back in front of a judge Monday. Ricky Kelly is charged with the killings that date back to 1996.

Prosecutors have characterized Ricky Kelly as dangerous, even saying in court he may have made threats on the lead detective in this case. That's why the Commonwealth says it's trying to keep potential witnesses safe.

But, Kelly's lawyers say they want to know who police are talking to and what kind of deals are on the table.

Fifteen to 20 people have agreed to cooperate with police as they build their case against Ricky Kelly. The prosecution gave the defense three names.

"We're told there is 15-20 cooperators, the information we've been given today involves 3," said Kelly's attorney Misty Clark. "The commonwealth is saying all the rest are going in this portion that is not at issue till April date."

Prosecutors haven't wanted to release the list, in order to protect the people on it. Monday, they asked Judge Irv Maze to keep the names sealed.

"We ask that it not be made in a public file at this time," said Prosecutor Tom Van De Rostyne.

"That's the problem we have, there are certain constraints placed on us as far as our communication with our own client and what can and can't be provided," said Clark. "We need to be provided this information."

"We're not saying they can't share with their client, we're asking that this not be shared with the public," said Van De Rostyne.

There are still many issues attorneys are going to have to hammer out. Things like whether Kelly will stand trial for all eight murders at once or separately and if Kelly's trial will stay in Jefferson County.

Judge Irv Maze expects that if Kelly's trial stays here, it will be will a costly one, and will require extra security.

Kelly goes back to court February 7th.

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