Buddy Check

Congratulations on taking the first step towards breast health!

Buddy Check is a nationally recognized program brought to you locally by Bluegrass Family Health and WAVE 3.

The reason that most women don't do breast self-examinations is that they forget. Buddy Check TM is a nationally recognized program promoting breast health that reminds women through a "buddy" system.

To be a buddy is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Get a buddy (a family member, friend or co-worker);
  2. Place the stickers on your calendar on the same day of every month (if you are still menstruating, place the stickers a few days after your menstrual period) and;
  3. Check with your buddy on the third of every month to remind each other about breast self-examinations and ask, "Did you do it?"

Print the information provided to you by this web page to help you with your monthly self-exam. If you find a lump, call your physician immediately.

More than 40 cities in the U.S. participate in the Buddy Check program, involving more than a half million people. The program encourages all participants to recognize that breast self-examination is just one part of a three-part program for the early detection of breast cancer recommended by the American Cancer Society.

This program includes monthly breast self-exams beginning at age 20, clinical breast exams by a physician every three years after age 20 and yearly after age 40, and an annual mammogram after age 40.

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To view a guide that helps you assess your risk for breast cancer, click here. To do a breast self-exam, follow the chart below. And for more information, visit the American Cancer Society's website by clicking here .