A Gardener's Gardener

By Cindi Sullivan

(LOUISVILLE, August 11th, 2003, 3:30 p.m.) -- For many, keeping a garden is just a hobby, but that's not the case for one Louisville woman. WAVE 3's Garden Expert Cindi Sullivan introduces us to a true gardener's gardener.

Sometimes you just never know where your garden will take you. Gardening can start out as a simple hobby, but it can lead to so much more.

Rose Lowry has gardened all her life, and has expanded her three-acre garden near Iroquois Park over the years. The garden has lots of wooded areas, veggies here and there in the ground and in containers of all kinds.

Rose has a beautiful rock garden and island beds, but the meat and potatoes of the garden is the daylily collection. Rose started growing daylilies about 12 years ago. One day a friend said, "why not sell some of your plants?"

Over the years, Rose has sold lots and lots of daylilies. And the prices are very reasonable.

Rose gardens under some very adverse conditions. Frankly, the soil she has to work with is absolutely terrible, but she has faithfully added compost over the years to improve it. She has also added raised beds with imported soil so that she can grow out her daylilies more quickly.

My favorite part of this garden is its immediate and close connection to nature. You feel like you are 100 miles away, not in the middle of the city.

Online Reporter: Cindi Sullivan

Online Producer: Michael Dever