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GPS thefts on the rise in eastern Louisville Metro

Officer Scott Pickett Officer Scott Pickett

By Katie Bauer - email | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – They seem to be everywhere, hanging in cars driving next to us and in parking lots, but by leaving your GPS out in the open, Louisville Metro Police say you could be making yourself a target, even if you are at your home.

They get you from point A to B, but the handy devices can also lead to criminals.

"It just seems to be right now the hottest ticket on the market for theft," said Officer Scott Pickett with the LMPD 8th Division.

Pickett says in the east end, GPS thefts have spiked since the first of the year.

"A lot of these cars are left unlocked and unsecured," said Pickett.

Pickett says right now 90 percent of folks who report stolen GPS devices admitted they didn't lock their cars.

"There are other items that are taken, it just seems right now that's one of the biggest items that's being looked for," said Pickett.

In the Worthington Place subdivision, several car break-ins have been reported. When we drove through the subdivision on Wednesday, our cameras spotted multiple cars parked in driveways with their electronic navigators out for all to see.

"People walk by in these neighborhoods looking for items to steal and they are lit up inside the vehicle," said Pickett.

LMPD has stepped up their monitoring and Pickett says if they see your car is unlocked, they will leave you a patrol notice on your dash.

"It's just to let the citizens know out there that our officers are out there in the neighborhoods and we are finding some of these items," said Pickett.

It's just one effort to stop a trend that's got thieves cashing in.

"If you can go out and hit four or five cars in one night and pick up six or seven of these GPS devices and other items, you've made a pretty good haul for your time out there and your effort," said Pickett.

Police encourage you to hide all your valuables in your car or bring them inside, whether you are parked in a lot or at your home. Also, be sure to keep track of your serial numbers on your electronics, so you can identify them if they do get stolen.

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