Sen. McConnell talks Egypt, relationship with VP Biden and Dems

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Vice President Joe Biden wasn't the only high profile political figure on the U of L campus Friday.  In fact, many who heard from the Vice President started their day hearing from Senator Mitch McConnell.

"There's a renewal process that begins frequently," the Senator said.

Senator Mitch McConnell says that's constantly the case in the U. S. Senate.  And while that was intended to be his focus Friday, things quickly turned to the chaos in Cairo with the news that President Mubarak stepped down.

"Egypt is by any objective standards the most important Arab country because it controls the Suez canal , because it has a peace treaty with Israel that's lasted 30 years. We have a big stake in the outcome, but limited ability to affect it," the Senator said.

McConnell talked and took questions for nearly an hour to a group of students and community members inside the PNC Club at Papa John's Stadium.  Even CSPAN came to town to cover a big day of politics at U of L, which turned into a historic day in Egypt.

"What we hope is that whatever the successor government is, it doesn't aggregate the treaty with Israel and doesn't become an ally of Iran and still has a Pro-Western feel," he said.

Compromise also dominated the discussion, especially with a high-ranking Democrat and Republican headlining the same event.

McConnell says that can actually create the most productive environment.

"Divided government is actually an opportunity to do tough things," McConnell said.

And he hopes that's a lesson the new Egypt will also realize.

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