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KFC Yum! Center proving successful in drawing the big acts

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The acts keep coming to Louisville, filling the seats at the newly built KFC Yum! Center. Kid Rock will perform to a nearly sold out crowd on Friday and the big acts continue to perform downtown.

"Right now we're the hotbed for the concert market. We've brought the Eagles, sold out. Justin Bieber sold out. Tonight's show will sell out. Lady Gaga sold out," Dennis Petrullo with AEG Facilities said.

It's the success of the ticket sales and the new building that attracts promoters to bring more headliners to the KFC Yum! Center with the help of AEG Facilities, a well-known entertainment company.

"For a promoter it's who is willing to pay the guarantees that the acts are asking for. As long as we're selling and we're selling high priced tickets such as the Eagles at $175 and Gaga at $175, the promoters feel comfortable that we can sell tickets in this market," Petrullo said.

He said it is also about staying ahead of the game.

"We know when a tour is thinking of going out. So, we're trying to stay in front of everybody and all other venues in the United States that are trying to get these events," Petrullo said.

When I asked Petrullo if he was saying that he knows what he is doing, he replied, "AEG knows what they're doing. I'm just part of the machine."

It's a machine that does not plan to slow down. Petrullo said they plan to keep the momentum going by making sure people have a great time here to get people to come back.

Other performances at the KFC Yum! Center include Taylor Swift, the Ringling Brothers Circus in March, Cirque Du Soleil in June, Disney on Ice in September and Michael Buble.

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