Search continues for man who took 4-year-old

By Mike Dever - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The search continued Monday for a man who took a 4-year-old boy and kept him overnight without permission from the boy's mother.

Sara Dierson says her boyfriend, Antonio Ross, told her he was taking her son, Daniel, to get something to eat Friday afternoon.

But Ross never returned, and was ignoring the family's calls and text messages.

On Saturday, Ross finally called Dierson and told her to pick up her son, who was found unharmed in a car downtown in the parking lot of a chicken restaurant at 18th and Oak Street.

"There was the car, and the baby was in the car by himself," said Sara.

She says Ross called again saying he didn't leave the child alone and was watching from afar.

"I asked him why," Dierson said. "There's no harm, he's fine, he's smiling, nothing is wrong with him, I just think that he has some personal issues going on and he didn't want to come home and just happened to take him with him."

"You don't take a child for 24 hours and expect everything to be OK, it's not normal," Dierson said. "You don't do that.

The child's grandmother, Teresa, was also angry. "I was thinking my grandson was in another state, had been maybe sold for cash - and everything you could think!"

Police were still looking for Ross on Monday. If you have any information on his whereabouts, you're asked to call the anonymous crime tipline at 574-LMPD (574-5683).

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