Pending closure of mobile home park could leave some with no place to live

Donald Casey
Donald Casey
Roger Coke
Roger Coke
Jim Mims
Jim Mims

By Maira Ansari - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The clock is ticking for two dozen families to find a new place to live. They only have two weeks before the utilities are cut off and their mobile home park closes. The city says they have had their eye on the P & R Mobile Home Park off of South Seventh Street in Louisville for some time and it isn't up to code. But the property owner says he is being unfairly targeted.

P & R property owner Roger Coke sent eviction notices to residents at the beginning of February stating that the park will close March 1. Many residents say they have no place to go.

But the city says they will be better off living anywhere else.

Donald Casey, who has lived on the property for four years and calls the P & R home, disagrees.

"Everyone keeps their place clean, I don't know what the problem is," said Casey.

Jim Mims at Metro Codes and Regulations says recent pictures taken by an inspector say it all.

"More trash, windows that don't have glass or glazing," said Mims.

"That's been gone for awhile [trash]," said Casey. "They ought to come back and check it after they did all that."

"Generally unkept conditions," said Mims. "I was really just surprised at how bad this was."

Mims says the city has had ongoing property maintenance cases against P & R. Codes and Regulations, Metro Health and Wellness, and the State Fire Marshal have all been involved.

"We have certain expectations in this community as far as minimum living standards and this is far from it," said Mims.

"It's not up to current code, but it's up to existing code at the time it was built," said Coke.

The mobile home park was originally licensed in 1951. Coke is the second person to own it and says he has worked to improve the park, cleaned it up, even tried to work on the electrical system. Coke says he isn't happy about putting his residents out of their home.

"They try to keep them up fairly well, they keep them painted, keep their lots cleaned up," said Coke. "They do the best they can do with what they got."

"Everybody that owns these [mobile homes] will have to leave them behind," said Casey. "You can't move them they are too old, they'd fall apart."

"It's gonna be tough, but again, the alternative is far worse," said Mims.

Donald Casey isn't exactly sure what his alternatives are - or if he even has one.

"I'll go somewhere," Casey said. "I don't know where yet."

People who own the mobile homes will have to arrange to have them moved. It will up to Coke to have the park cleaned up when it closes.

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