Nice weather in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A welcome change has come for those counting down the days to Spring.

"It's been pretty a pretty miserable winter," said local resident Ken Hagan. "Pretty cold, a lot of snow."

"It was just cold, nasty and icy," agreed Megan Thomas.

"Too much snow," said Ron Wright.

The winter blues have taken a toll on some people…

"Seasonal affective disorder. I've heard about it, I guess it's that people get sadder when it's cold or dark, and the weathers not as pleasant, and they don't want to be outside," said Hagan.

Seasonal affective disorder, or 'SAD,' has several symptoms including overeating, lack of energy and oversleeping.

"Oh I like to sleep," said Wright.

"Sounds like my life right now," admitted Thomas.

But recently, everyone's spirits seem to be raising right along with the temperatures.

"I think my mood's already started to change with the warmer weather," said Thomas. "Went to the park for the first time in ages yesterday, and coming [to the waterfront] today."

But when winter returns? Ken Hagan's already on top of things.

"Ready. Ready. I've got my garden started inside. I'm ready to plant it outside, I'm ready for some warm and sunny weather," said Hagan.

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