Sypher wants a new trial- but her sentencing is tomorrow

Jim Faller and Karen Sypher
Jim Faller and Karen Sypher
Jim Faller
Jim Faller

Posted by Amy Kelch - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Karen Sypher isn't going down without a fight. Just one day before her sentencing, Sypher's legal team filed a motion for a new trial. They hope that the evidence provided will be enough to avoid Sypher's scheduled sentencing on February 18.

"As long as time permits," said Jim Faller of Sypher's defense team, "we continue to find more and more new material. The reason we took this case was to show people how you are treated if they can get you past a jury."

Faller is not giving up hope. On August 5, Karen Sypher was found guilty of three counts of attempted extortion, 2 counts of lying to the FBI, and 1 count of retaliation against University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino. However, Faller is not giving up hope.

Sypher took the airwaves on February 14 to defend herself.

"I, like many other women, was a rape victim," said Sypher, "who was too embarrassed to report the rape initially. I was then railroaded in a nightmare trial where none of my evidence and none of my 19 witnesses were called to testify. I would have more rights in Afghanistan."

Sypher's defense team filed a motion on February 17 stating there's new evidence that shows she did not sign several forms for the FBI. One of those forms gave permission for a polygraph. They believe the signature was cut and pasted from another document.

"We sent it to Tom Vastrick, he is the number one forensic guy in the world according to the government and he agrees," said Faller.

Another reason Sypher's team is requesting a new trial is their claims of altered photographs and false testimony. Faller said there is now medical evidence that she was raped twice. Faller hopes U.S. District Judge Charles Simpson will look at this evidence and request a hearing before sentencing takes place.

"The hearing is going to blow this thing right open," said Faller.

Faller tells us Sypher is feeling confident going into sentencing at the federal courthouse. If it does not turn out the way they plan they are onto the court of appeals.

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