Building A Better Water Garden

(LOUISVILLE, AUGUST 18th, 2003, 4 p.m.) -- Water gardens can add so much to your landscaping. Our Cindi Sullivan has some tips to keep it in shape.

I've often said that the day that we completed our first water garden was the day that the garden ceased to be just my garden, but become the entire family's garden. Water gardens of course can add all sorts of elements to your outdoor living space, a relaxing area with soothing water sounds that provide respite from hectic work schedules, and a place to play including exotic fish and plants for young and old alike.

Unfortunately over time water gardens can tend to decline. Even with regular maintenance, algae populations can explode, causing unsightly blooms and stopping up falls and pools.

Rocks will shift over time exposing rubber liners and the mechanics like pipes and pumps and filters. And more often than not, gardeners that install water gardens get addicted and want bigger and better gardens. Styles change too-sometimes gardeners will opt for a more formal or more casual style garden than they started with.

Whatever the reason, most water gardens will need to be reworked at some time or another.