Shepherdsville woman saves man's life

Sandy Beanblossom
Sandy Beanblossom
Colonel Holmes
Colonel Holmes

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Some quick thinking by a Denny's waitress in Shepherdsville may have saved a man's life.

Sandy Beanblossom has worked at Denny's for 19 years. In late January, she noticed something was wrong with a customer.

"I offered him some water, and when he tried to take the drink of water he couldn't lift his arm," said Beanblossom. "But he got his water to his mouth with his other hand. And when he did, it just drained out of his mouth, so it's one of the signs of stroke."

Beanblossom is taking classes to become a nurse and quickly recognized she needed to call 911. Bullitt County EMS quickly arrived and transported the customer to Jewish Hospital in Louisville.

"He was a Colonel for Homeland Security, which, that's good, we're glad to save any military man but we'd do it for anybody," said Beanblossom.

June Sally, Sandy's general manager isn't surprised with how she handled the situation. After all, she knows her pretty well.

"We've worked together off and on for 25 years, she's my daughter in law, and I'm really proud of her," said Sally.

Colonel Holmes' wife was really proud too. She wrote Beanblossom a letter thanking her for helping her husband.

"Thanked me very much and he wrote on the bottom of it that he made a full recovery," said Beanblossom. "The medicine they gave him reversed most of the effects, he can talk with minimum side effects from it."

The Kentucky Division of Emergency Management presented Beanblossom with an award in recognition of her heroic actions.

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