Bill aimed at ambulance chasers passes KY House

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - When crashes go over the scanners more than just police and EMS are listening.  They have all sort of nicknames like "runners" or "ambulance chasers," who show-up at accident scenes and pass out business cards or get your information. Now there's a push to stop them.

A bill is moving through the general assembly and the House Tuesday that would prohibit business solicitations directly after the accident, something attorneys are already prohibited from doing.

Nadia Ragland was eight years old in October when the car she was in was involved in an accident. She hurt her back and had bruises all over her body and face.

"When we first hit it felt like my face was on fire," said Ragland.

When her mother, Frances, arrived she was in an ambulance.

"I was terrified," said Frances. "I was crying the whole way there."

Frances says she only gave the ambulance and hospital her brand new phone number, but just hours after the accident someone with a chiropractic company called and asked for her 8-year-old daughter, trying to solicit her business.

"It violated my privacy and hers to the fullest being that she is only a minor and just thinking--if you have my phone number, what other information might you have?" asked Frances.

Representatives in the House passed a bill 95 to 1 that would prohibit business solicitations within 30-days following motor vehicle accidents.

The other side is this could hurt business for the medical providers or litigation loan companies who do this and it also gives victims instant access to them.

That bill now moves over to the Senate.

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