Former employee files lawsuit against Louisville Regional Airport Authority

Lana Reinhart
Lana Reinhart
Phil Lynch
Phil Lynch

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A former employee of the Louisville Regional Airport Authority has filed the latest lawsuit against the authority claiming it violated hiring practices. Lana Reinhart who worked the authority as a Human Resources manager for nearly eight years said she was fired suddenly.

"It was hurtful to be let go that way," said Reinhart "I wasn't really planning to leave. It was pretty sudden. I had never had a bad review."

Reinhart believes she was let go after trying to speak up about the authority's hiring practices to her director several times. For example, Reinhart said hundreds of people applied for a position, but she claims managers would already have someone in mind to hire. She claims she was being blamed for it.

"I was told I'd be held accountable if this process continued of hiring managers hiring friends," Reinhart said.

Reinhart also claims her age of 62 became a topic. She said Charles "Skip" Miller, LRAA executive director, made comments about her age and questioned her when she planned to retire. While Phil Lynch, the LRAA board chairman, can't go into details about the current lawsuit, he denies the allegations.

"We categorically deny that and we look forward to contesting that in court," Lynch said.

Lynch said Reinhart was let go based on a performance issue to which Reinhart disagrees.

"I think there is some corruption throughout upper management. It's not solely laid on Miller. It starts at the top and rolls down," Reinhart said.

Lynch said before the authority parts ways with an employee, several people are consulted.

Since 2009, two other lawsuits against the authority have been filed. Lynch claims one employee still works for them, but is on unpaid medical leave and says the other was not fired, but that a medical issue prevented him from doing his job. WAVE 3 spoke to that employee who he said that was not the case. According to Lynch, one of those employees is accusing the airport authority of racial discrimination. Lynch would not elaborate on the other allegations.

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