Man rescued from car completely submerged in water

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LOUISVILLE (WAVE) - A man was rescued from several feet of water, after his car became submerged in a canal estimated to be as deep as 12 feet by 50 feet across early Friday morning.

It all started around 1:00 Friday morning when Damon Simpson was driving along Outer Loop at Grade Lane.  That intersection comes to a T, which is where Grade Lane ends.  Police say Simpson continued on down Grade Lane, driving off the road and dodging barriers before his car ended up in the canal.

Police, paramedics, and the dive team were all called to the scene.  Simpson made it out of his car a short time later, and reportedly told police there was someone else in the car with him.  While dive teams went to work in the cold water, police later determined that Simpson was believed to be alone.

Simpson went to University Hospital where he is listed in critical condition. His car, is still in the water where it is completely submerged.

"Due to the hazardous conditions, we'll come back and get the vehicle at a later time. Everyone is accounted for that was supposedly in the vehicle," Sgt. Dave Minniar with the LMPD Dive Team told WAVE 3 News.

That's because divers had troubles trying to get the vehicle out of the water their first time around.

"We had divers go in and try to hook up the vehicle, but the current was taking them under the vehicle.  If there were people in the vehicle, we'd pull it out, but it's been determined that no one's in the vehicle, so what's why we are going to wait," Sgt. Minniar said.

Once Simpson is released from the hospital, he'll likely go to jail.  That's because police don't believe water was the only liquid involved. They believe Simpson had been drinking and driving when he drove into the canal.

Officials say the canal's water level was higher at the time Simpson drove into it because of the recent high amount of rain that has fallen.

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