Bodies of 3 Amish children found - 11-year-old still missing

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Additional rescue crews are now helping authorities in far western Kentucky search for an 11-year old Amish girl missing since Thursday when the horse-drawn buggy her family was riding in was swept away while crossing a rain swollen creek. Three other children drowned in the accident.

Officials say an Amish couple and their seven children were in the buggy when it overturned, throwing them into the water.  The adults and three of their children survived.  But four children under the age of 12 were swept away.  The bodies of three of the children were recovered, but the fourth has not been found.

Graves County Sheriff Dwayne Redmon says rescuers are not giving up hope.

"We're hoping maybe she's just lost, or disoriented, being at night," he said. "We're hoping that maybe once it's daylight she'll maybe find her way, or we may locate her.  We're still hanging onto hope that we will still find her alive."

Remon says more rescue crews arrived early Friday morning to help those who have been searching throughout the night.

"We're trying to switch them out.  The rescue crews are wearing out quickly," he told WHAS radio.  "They're having to wade through mud in the darkness with nothing more than flashlights."

The incident happened on a low water stream crossing on Roscoe Road just west of the community of Dublin in Graves County.

Something happened around 8:30 Thursday night that caused 4 children to be swept away from the buggy. Authorities are not releasing details yet as to the exact nature of the incident.

The identities of the children have not been released.

The rain has stopped falling in the area and the flood water is receding.