Four Amish children killed after water sweeps buggy away

DUBLIN, KY (KFVS) - The father of an 11-year-old Amish girl killed when a horse-drawn buggy toppled into a flooded creek says they were on a family outing for dinner and a phone call to her grandfather.

Samuel Wagler said Friday that his daughter, Elizabeth, died while she was traveling in western Kentucky with his brother and family.

Authorities say three other children were killed when they were also swept away in the water. Two adults and three children survived.

Wagler says his brother and family had come to his house for dinner after they made a phone call to their father in Missouri from a nearby Amish community phone.

He says Elizabeth was then headed home with his brother to spend the night.

Authorities searched for the children late Thursday night into Friday morning who were swept away in the high water.

It happened on a low water stream crossing on Roscoe Road just west of the community of Dublin on the Graves/Hickman county line.

Authorities say the group was traveling in a downpour in the dark about 8:30 p.m. Thursday when the buggy flipped during a severe storm. The buggy was crossing a creek that is normally a trickle but that often floods during heavy rains.

According to the Graves County sheriff, there were nine people from two families riding in the buggy.  Around 9:50 a.m. Friday the sheriff notified crews that the fourth child, an 11-year-old girl, had been found dead.

"This is not the ending we had hoped for but again we have found her body.  The parents aren't going to have to wonder every night when they go to bed where she is, or if she's still out there," said Graves County Sheriff Dwayne Redmond.  "If there is a way to say there is any kind of relief is that we brought her home."

The dead children's ages are 5 months, 5 years old, 7 years old and 11 years old. Three girls and one boy have now died according to the Graves County sheriff.  Three of the children were siblings and one was a cousin.

Searchers did find the bodies of three of the children in Hickman County some distance from where the incident happened.

The horse that was pulling the buggy also survived.

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