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Decision to hold classes after tornado upsets parents

Supt. Buddy Berry Supt. Buddy Berry
Supt. Tim Abrams Supt. Tim Abrams

Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

EMINENCE, KY (WAVE) - With the major tornado that hit in Henry County during the early morning hours of Feb. 28, a parent called into our newsroom upset school was still in session. We worked for you to find out why.

Both Henry County and Eminence Independent School District were open. Both superintendents told us they were out driving the roads themselves just after 5 a.m. While the routes of some buses had to be changed, by the time school started they say the weather was out of the area.

"The threat of the storm had passed for several hours before our buses, or at least a couple of hours before our buses went on the roads and made their routes. So we got all the kids here safely," said Supt. Buddy Berry of the Eminence Independent Schools.

"Our first bus in Henry County doesn't pick up children until 7:00 so we had plenty of time," said Supt. Tim Abrams of the Henry County Public Schools. "If we needed t make changes, we could."

Some Henry County students arrived late to school, but Abrams said those children will be excused.

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