Water Gardens Go Hi-Tech

By Cindi Sullivan

(AUGUST 25TH, 2003) -- Our garden expert Cindi Sullivan has been showing us how to maintain our water gardens. Now she shows us how new technology can make our water gardens more efficient.

As with most other industries and businesses, the water garden industry has dramatically improved technology and equipment, so looking at some serious upgrades in equipment in order to reduce maintenance, improve efficiency, and most importantly increase enjoyment is a good idea.

One change recommended is to replace the original sump pump in the main pool with a pond pump. Pond pumps use much less electricity than the old sump pumps. And can save lots of operating cost over time. Pond pumps also have no oil that might seep into the pond so they are safer for fish and plants. They are vast improvement over the old sump pumps.

Filtering systems have also dramatically improved. Replace an old biological filter system with a new biological system. The new systems are much easier to maintain and much more efficient because the biological medium has a tremendous amount of surface area.

Installing a skimmer vault that will trap about 90% of floating leaves and other pond debris is also a good idea. This is very important if you have nearby trees. Since the skimmer picks up all the debris trees can leave behind, it won't have a chance to fall to the pond bottom and decay, resulting in a cleaner environment.

The vault houses the plumbing and the pump as well as mechanical filter pads and a UV light that kills microscopic algae. These new vaults are quite sturdy, strong enough to be able to set rocks on them to disguise the tops.

Needless to say, technology is improving all the time, and taking advantage of new equipment and mechanics is a great way to increase enjoyment time and decrease maintenance time.