Two dozen families have to move out of mobile home park

Roger Coke
Roger Coke

By Maira Ansari - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two dozen families who live in a Louisville mobile home park have to find a new place to live. They were given notice to move out a month ago, and Tuesday was the deadline to move out.

WAVE 3 was the first to expose the troubles at the P & R Mobile Home Park off of South Seventh Street Road. The mobile home park is closing because it didn't meet city code.

Sherline Jones is packing up and moving out of her trailer and she's not alone.

"We'll be able to sleep tonight knowing that in the morning I can make me breakfast," said Jones. 'What are the rest of they gonna do?"

"If you don't move today, I don't have light nothing here," said Jose Guterrez. "I have five kids I'll do it, I'll move today."

Tony Rameriz says he's staying at the park, he has no place to go.

Most of the residents that live here came for a better life and now, they are in the search of a new home.

"Most of them are immigrants various places such as Mexico, Cuba Honduras, Ecuador," said P & R Mobile Home Park owner, Roger Coke.

Metro Codes and Regulations says they've had their eye on the property for a while. Listing problems with ongoing property maintenance cases and the park doesn't meet up to code.

Residents say they've done what they can to clean it up.

"They did everything they could as a village to save the village and they still gotta move," said Jones.

Coke says there is nothing much more that he can do. He has to have it all cleaned up.

"It's my problem to clean it all up as the lady in court says pristine by May 1st," said Coke.

Coke adds that he's doing what he can to make sure water and electricity are not shut off for residents. He adds that he will be giving people who have chosen to stay, another legal notice to move out.

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