Victim's family talks after man charged with killing teen appears in court

Archie Ashley
Archie Ashley
Andrew Elliott (source: family photo)
Andrew Elliott (source: family photo)

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Andrew Elliott was a teenager when he was shot to death in October of 2010. Now a 62-year-old man charged in that crime is moving closer to learning his punishment.

Archie Ashley faced a judge again on March 2, but whether he'll stand trial remains to be seen.

Ashley is charged with firing two shots at three teens - including Elliott - in early October. On of the shots struck Elliott, and he later died. Ashley told police he fired the shots because the teens had been throwing rocks at his home on south 41st Street.

At Wednesday's pretrial conference, both sides updated each other and the court on the status of the case. While this wasn't a major court date, the Elliott family was in the courtroom to make their presence and feelings known.

"I'm going to be here every step of the way," said Elliott's mother, Kim Jarboe. "Whenever he's here, I'm going to be here."

Several family members were present in the courtroom during Wednesday's proceedings, wearing shirts with Andrew's image to help keep his memory alive.

"He was my precious boy," said his grandmother, Ann Keene.

And they want everyone to know that - especially when they see the person police believe is responsible - 62-year-old Archie Ashley.

They say a plea deal could be easier to deal with.

"In a sense yes, that way it wouldn't be long and drawn out," Jarboe said.

That's something the prosecution is working on now.

"I think we're in those negotiations right now," said Leland Lucas with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office. "There's nothing imminent, so I wouldn't say we're close to settling the case. But it's being discussed."

The Elliott family wants Ashley behind bars forever, but they know it will never bring Andrew back.

"He turned 16, and we didn't get to celebrate with him," Keene said. "It was rough."

That milestone was just a few weeks ago.

"We went to the cemetery and set off lots of balloons, we gave him keys to a car, and we just had a good celebration and sang happy birthday to him," Keene said.

They say they'll be relieved once Ashley is sentenced for the crime.

Despite the possible plea deal, a trial date was set for September with another pre-trial hearing in July.

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