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911 calls reveal scary moments leading up to deadly crash

By Katie Bauer email | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – More than ten calls came into dispatch surrounding Friday's deadly accident in Fern Creek on Bardstown Road just south of the Gene Snyder .

It all started with reports of a car driving on the wrong side of the road.

"I just couldn't get to my phone fast enough when I saw him," said one caller.

Several people called 911 to try in some way prevent what was about to happen.

OPERATOR: "What is your emergency?"

CALLER: "Yeah, you got somebody running northbound in the southbound lane Bardstown Road."

Other calls followed.

OPERATOR: "What is your emergency?"

CALLER: "There's a car going to the wrong way on Bardstown Road coming out of Mount Washington. He is going about 75 miles per hour going into Louisville, going northbound. I can't see him anymore. He's flying."

One caller said he saw the Ford Focus traveling north in the southbound lane, a little more than five miles back from the actual crash. Others saw more as they approached the scene.

CALLER: "Yeah, he's caused something. There's cars stopping all over the place right now. There's an accident here ma'am.

OPERATOR: "Well there is one at Bardstown Road and Gene Snyder, but it's almost cleaned up."

CALLER: "No this one, oh it's terrible ma'am, it's a bad one right now."

Some even watched it all play out right before their eyes.

CALLER: "The car is going head on with traffic. Oh! He just made a head-on collision. He just made a head-on collision. It's upside down, please send EMS. This is bad.

OPERATOR: "Ok. They are already on their way."

Witnesses were not sure if the people involved were dead or alive.

CALLER: "No. I think nobody's conscious, one car is upside down. The whole front end is gone on this car."

The driver of the Focus was 23-year-old Dennis Tindle died in the crash.

Police aren't sure why he was going the wrong way, the toxicology reports are pending. The two other drivers had non life-threatening injuries.

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