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Students released from hospital after being exposed to pepper spray on school bus

Angeletta Haynes Angeletta Haynes

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Children are recovering at home after pepper spray was dispersed on their school bus. Thirty students were on JCPS bus #0222 coming from Westport Middle School about 2:45 Tuesday afternoon, but for 11 of those students instead of being taken home, they ended up in the hospital.

The school bus ended up pulling over near the 4th mile marker on I-71 south.  Louisville Metro Police say one girl started spraying pepper spray after getting in a fight with another student.

Three middle school students, who are triplets, were kept at the scene in a police cruiser until they were picked up by a parent.

"They had it all over their shirts, all over their neck, in their hair, it was just everywhere," said Angeletta Haynes.

Haynes the mother of 13-year-old twins, says the triplets were starting fights with her daughters even before they got on the bus, and she says she wished the school would have done something.

"These girls have been into it for the past two weeks," Haynes said. "The school was supposed to be handling it. It did not get handled."

She says her daughters were directly sprayed.

"Their faces were burning, their ears were burning, their eyes," said Haynes. "They had to put the saline cups, the little capsules on their eyes and constantly run a whole saline bag through their eyes and everything. It's terrible."

Ambulances transported 11 children to the hospital, where they were immediately treated. Poison Control recommends mayonnaise to be applied to the exposed burning skin, which is exactly what the nurses did.

"Then we need to shower them with soap and water to wash the mayonnaise and the agent off and then we can bring them into the hospital," said Liz Younger, Kosair Nurse Manager for emergency department.

"I think it's terrible that we are having to foot these bills today, it's just all ridiculous," said Haynes.

Haynes says she does plan to press charges against the girl who sprayed the pepper spray as well as her parents. JCPS says the student responsible will be disciplined.

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