Council president requesting audit of NDF grants over $5K

From the Louisville Metro Council:

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Metro Council President Jim King (D-10) will request the internal auditor of Louisville Metro Government begin a review of all Neighborhood Development Fund grants over $5,000 for a two year period. The request comes as a result of a recent report that a third party received NDF grants without Council knowledge.

The President is also asking the Metro Council's Government Accountability and Ethics Committee to begin a thorough review of NDF reporting and verification.

"The events of recent weeks involving the allegations made against Councilwoman Green have been unsettling for all of us and have made the clear the importance of your Committee," said King in a letter to Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) who chairs the Committee. "I want to ask your Committee to help me ramp up the level of accountability on NDF grants."

Under the present system, the Metro Council Clerk's Office administers all NDF grants under $5,000. Grants over that amount are administered by the department responsible for dispersing the funds.

The Council's Appropriation Committee had already begun an initial review of the NDF policies last year prior to the recent allegation. The newest members of the Council were given time at the beginning of the year to review proposed revisions before the Committee was to begin action.

"I suggest we perform the audits in numerical order by district but it will ultimately be up to your committee to set the nature, timing and extent of the audit procedures," the President said in his letter.

King first created the Government Accountability and Ethics committee in January of 2008.