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Rain falls; worry grows from drivers and residents

Louisville, KY -

By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - More than two inches of rain fell upon Kentuckiana in less than 24 hours, swamping many flood drains, yards, basements, and roads.

Dozens of area roads were closed for the Wednesday morning commute, others were down to just one lane after officials placed barricades or cones or caution tape up to alert drivers of the flooded roads.

Rush hour Wednesday morning was anything but a rush, as a rush of water slowed things down along Bardstown Road near Hikes Lane.

Other locations, like Dixie Highway and Stephan Road, lost a lane of traffic to Mother Nature's latest "gift" which residents along Reidley Road say they didn't wish to receive.

"The higher it gets the more I get in the basement I mean there is no way for the water to get any where," said Steve Bibelhauser who lives along Reidley Road.

Every storm, Bibelhauser watches the rain rise both outside, and in his basement.

"There are no ditches know where for the water to go it runs in our yard and the yard down the street and floods everything," said Bibelhauser.

The high water here was also a major concern for drivers I'm walking in one of the lanes of Riedley Road; part of it down to one lane, and as the rain continues to fall, the concern continues to grow.

"It could cause an accident I mean the water is probably 3 or 4 inches deep out there hydro planing it could cause an accident," said Bibelhauser.

And it isn't any better for neighbors, like Verna Burton.

"You can't get out and work in the yard or anything with all the puddles out there," Burton said.

That's not the only problem for her, or her neighbors battling the rain.

"They've got some sandbags up there now," Burton said.

But with several seasons of showers under their belts, the rain isn't dampening any spirits.

"I get concerned that it might get in the house! I do a lot of praying," Burton laughed.

"I'm going to put a boat out here after while," Bibelhauser said.

MetroSafe is working 'round the clock to get barricades out for road closures, but also need you to be their eyes and ears.  You can call 311 in the Louisville Metro area to alert them to high water.

Police recommend you never drive into high water, as the depth can be misleading and they are very busy working other situations as the water continues to rise.

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