Rain continues to fall in Louisville, flooding some areas

By Maira Ansari - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - An impressive amount of rain in just a short amount of time. Parts of Louisville were flooded from all the heavy ran.

The view from Ralph Farsetti's home off of Seneca Park Road may convince you that a river is flowing in front of his home.

"I was pondering myself to buy a new kayak so I can drop in," said Farsetti.

Farsetti is a landscaper and Wednesday's weather put a damper in his plans.

"I had some customers lined up for the day, unfortunately for the weather I was rained out," said Farsetti.

Ralph says the water from Bear Grass Creek was so high Wednesday morning, it came up to the road. By late afternoon, it receded.

"Been watching the creek trying its darndest to cross over the road," said Farsetti. "School buses were not able to come in the morning."

"The ground has saturated, the creek's have filled quickly and that will be run off to the river," said Bud Schardein, Executive Director for MSD.

MSD says no homes were reportedly flooded but, with several impassable roads like the one on Southern Parkway, mother nature kept crews working around the clock. Now, their eyes are now on the rising levels of the Ohio River.

"The next challenge for us next 2-3 days to see what the river will do," said Schardein. "I've seen projections it's going to go 22 1/2 feet Friday which is a bit below flood stage."

Schardein says they only had six sewers back up out of 233,000.

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