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Rains fill creeks and rivers south of Louisville causing some to overflow

Amy Shepperson Amy Shepperson

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – In Jefferson County Amy Shepperson says she's no stranger to the effects of heavy rains living so close to Floyds Fork Creek. "It happens about five times a year, usually in the spring when the rains come then this is what we see," said Shepperson.

Her family owns Thrifty Fabrics and their farm and home are on this same property. "With more rain coming, we are worried about being able to get out tomorrow," said Shepperson.

She says they have been trapped out before. "My father-in-law has had to canoe out," said Shepperson.

Floyds Fork Creek runs into Salt River in Bullitt County and the water is also getting high. As a result of the flowing river the intersection of Cedar Grove Road near Woodsdale had to be closed off.

"Mostly it's been this kind of stuff, drains stopped up and we're just going around and trying to get them opened up so the water will stay off the road," said Jerome Ingram with the Spencer County State Highway Department.

In Spencer County crews worked throughout the day to clear roadways for traffic.

"Be careful, just watch if you see water in the roads, slow down," said Ingram.  "You start to hydroplane and you are going to get off the road, so just take your time."

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