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JCPS elementary bus route has 150+ misconduct reports this year

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Documents reveal just how problematic one JCPS elementary bus route is with more than 150 misconduct reports, since the beginning of the school year.

This comes after police say a mother attacked her son's bus driver.

Anytime a child misbehaves on a school bus, bus drivers are supposed to fill out a misconduct form. We checked and found, for one Stopher Elementary bus route, there are a lot of them.

"Most buses enjoy not having any bus referrals at all," said Jack Jacobs, JCPS Executive Director of Student Assignment Health and Safety.

The write-ups range from standing up on the bus, to being disrespectful, to physical fights. Out of all the reports obtained by WAVE 3, nearly 100 involved fighting.

It's a number Jacobs says is excessive. One report states that a student on the bus hit another student in the face and made their mouth bleed. "This particular bus we have put cameras on the bus, we have also placed monitors on this school bus," said Jacobs.

The camera was installed last week, just hours before police say Chesica White and her 12-year-old daughter confronted bus driver Johnetta Anderson. The pair is accused of dragging Anderson down the steps by her ankles and hurting a child in the process.

White's attorney says she was addressing concerns that her son was being bullied.

"We need the community to work with us too and there is a proper way of addressing bus problems and there is an improper way of addressing bus problems," said Jacobs.

After that incident, the district added an adult bus monitor. Jacobs says having another set of eyes on the students is already working. "I think it is very effective and it really helps discipline on a ride," said Jacobs.

Once a misconduct report is filled out, the bus driver can decide the next action. In some cases, school principals will sit down with the student and their parents in hopes of correcting the problems and deciding on an appropriate discipline.

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