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Oldham Co. pastor relieved to be in touch with brother in Japan

Doug Wolter Doug Wolter
Mark Wolter and family Mark Wolter and family

By Katie Bauer email | bio

LA GRANGE, KY (WAVE) – For anyone who has family or friends in Japan, you can only imagine what it was like Friday morning to wake up and see the devastation.

Doug Wolter is the family pastor at LaGrange Baptist Church, and his twin brother lives in Japan. When he woke up Friday morning, it didn't take long to hear what had happened.

"It was just a shocking thing to wake up in the morning and see a text 'how is your brother doing," and not knowing what had happened," said Wolter.

Wolter says he immediately got on the Internet, to find a post from his brother that he and his family were safe. "So thankful to God that he is ok, his family is ok, they have two boys, and I was just immediately just so thankful," said Wolter.

It was an instant sigh of relief as he tried to contact him. "I was able to Skype with him later and see his face and talk with him, and obviously I was so thankful that he was fine," said Wolter.

Wolter says his brother lives in Kyoto, which is about 450 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake, but the quake was so powerful, Wolter's brother says he felt motion sickness.

"He felt the trimmers, he saw the hanging light beginning to sway so he definitely trimmers and felt the impact of it, even so far away from the epicenter," said Wolter.

Once the quake triggered the massive tsunami, Wolter says the focus turned to the lives lost.

"He knew of friends that lived closer to that area and has still not heard from there, so he is waiting on that," said Wolter. "He knows some friends in Tokyo as well, so that's been a hard thing. He's just been praying for them and wondering how everybody is doing."

He says it's just another reminder, how life can change in an instant. "To know that he escaped an earthquake, that's quite a way to start your day, so I'm thankful he's ok," said Wolter.

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