Manual students receive letter after teacher sex scandal

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Parents of kids at duPont Manual High School are getting a letter  from the school's principal about the former biology teacher found in a car with a student over the weekend.

Thirty-eight-year-old Carrie Shafer resigned after police say they found her partially clothed in a car with the minor.

We reported the story on March 15, and since then the news has spread throughout the school.

"It's been going through the rumor mills and everything," said one Manual student.

"I think it's kind of unfortunate, I think people make mistakes," said another student.

According to a police citation, an LMPD officer noticed two cars after hours in Miles Park. One of the vehicle's windows were steamed up. When the officer approached the car, the citation says he found a vehicle in a handicapped space at the park near a canoe launch.

Police say both Shafer and the student were partially nude and there were used contraceptives outside the car.

Shafer and the teen told police they both had been drinking beer that Shafer provided.

We once again tried to get answers from the Shafer at her home, but no one answered.

Principal Larry Woolridge sent a letter home to students and parents, saying "This matter is a top priority which will be dealt with immediately and that a break in instruction will not occur."

[Read Letter Sent Home to Parents]

"It's a bad influence honestly," said one student. "Especially for a high school full of kids who are getting older about to go to college."

The student involved is 17 years old, which is one year over the age of consent for sex in Kentucky. However, Shafer could face more charges because she is in a position of power.

Police say those additional charges could be filed at Shafer's court appearance, which is set for later this month.

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