Businesses re-open as water recedes

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Ohio River is still above flood stage, but as it falls it's leaving pieces of junk up and down the shoreline. Last week WAVE 3 went inside Captain's Quarters restaurant on River Road as they were evacuating, now they're moving back in and cleaning-up.

"The water has come and gone," said co-owner of Captain's Quarters Andrew Masterson. "It's just a matter of cleaning up now and hosing out."

The bar area was hit the worst with about 8 inches of water.

"We had wood floors down in here which unfortunately all buckled," said Masterson. "It happens every time we get water. This is the first area of the building to get water"

Workers are repairing the floor and letting it dry before putting the booths back in place. Other crews unloaded the food they could save from a refrigerator truck.

The dining room needs a bit more work. Masterson is upgrading the carpets after they sat underwater for days.

Masterson estimates about $75,000 in damage and lost revenue, but says he's just happy to be moving back in.

"We'll survive and we'll come back strong," said Masterson.

Masterson says he hopes to open the bar Thursday and dining room by the weekend. Other businesses along the water including Joe's Crab Shack and King Fish are also open.

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