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Bullitt Co Sheriff dissolves drug task force with a better idea in mind

Sheriff David Greenwell Sheriff David Greenwell
Amanda Morris Amanda Morris

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BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – The Bullitt County Drug Task Force has been around since the mid 90's, but it's quickly dissolving. A newly elected sheriff decided to cut the only two deputies left in the task force.

Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell took office in January and he believes it is time to focus on drug cases in house. He says the Bullitt County Drug Task Force use to include five different agencies, but since they have all pulled out over the years, it makes sense to make a change.

"Drugs scare me to death and they are horrible in Bullitt County," said Greenwell.

When the sheriff cut the two deputies left in the drug task force, many residents were left with concerns. "It scares me to think that there is not going to be people out there controlling this problem we have here in Bullitt County," said Amanda Morris, Bullitt County resident.

Morris says she has seen how bad the drug problem can be over the years, but that's changed recently. "You don't hear so much about people being busted with drugs, because the task force has done such a great job eliminating it," said Morris.

This week, Greenwell fired deputy Tom Swicegood, who worked on the task force. "Tom's a good guy, a decent guy, and a honest guy, it was a pleasure to work with him when I did, but basically I just didn't need his services and in reality that's what it was," said Greenwell.

He wouldn't go into any more detail than that. After this cut, just one deputy was left. "It certainly doesn't make sense to have one deputy in a task force," said Greenwell.  "It should be multiple agencies working towards a common goal."

The remaining deputy has been reassigned to patrol.

Morris has been keeping an eye on this situation and attended Tuesday's fiscal meeting to stay involved. She worries there are other motives to the recent changes.

"They say it's not politics or a vendetta, but to a lot of people in the fiscal court meeting yesterday, it felt like it was a vendetta that they didn't take the actual residents of Bullitt County thoughts into consideration," said Morris.

"There is no way on this earth I would ever let politics dictate right and wrong to me," said Greenwell.

Sheriff Greenwell says he hopes to have four deputies work with four detectives to stay on top of the drug problems.

Left on the task force is the director and a secretary, who are employed by the county fiscal court. Their jobs are now up in the air, since no one else is left. A decision on this is expected this Friday by the board of directors.

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