Big pothole problem after harsh Kentuckiana winter

By Jon Chrisos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's that time of year when hundreds of potholes are popping up all over town. You've probably swerved to avoid hitting some, but others are so big, they're impossible to miss.

Since January Public Works crews have filled more than 11,000 potholes. That's 3,000 more compared to this time last year, but for one man and his wife the repair came too late.

Mark Mooneyhan's brand new car was damaged late last month after he hit a pothole on Herr Lane.

"It was major; it was deep. You could tell because the whole front end of the car went down into the pothole," Monneyhan said.

An estimate puts the damage at right around $1,000. He submitted a claim to the city thinking the repair would be paid for, but two weeks later he got a letter saying the claim was denied.

Part of the letter reads "Municipalities must have prior actual notice and a reasonable opportunity to rectify defects..." Public Works said crews have two days to fix a pothole problem after it's been reported before they'll pay a claim. In Mooneyhan's case, the pothole was just reported the night before.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer stands by the policy and added this year has been especially tough because of a rough winter.

"It snowed more. It was more moist. All that moisture gets in the cracks and makes potholes even bigger and more of them," Mayor Fischer said.

As for potholes on state highways and interstates, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is responsible for fixing those. Claims filed because of damage to cars on state roads are reviewed by the Board of Claims in Frankfort.

To report a pothole in the city call 3-1-1

To report a pothole on a state highway or interstate call 502-210-5400

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