Police bust man with 20 fake IDs

Jafar Sidiqov (source: Shively Police)
Jafar Sidiqov (source: Shively Police)

Posted by Christi Reynard - email

SHIVELY, KY (WAVE) - Police are investigating after arresting a New York man who apparently left 20 fake Pennsylvania drivers licenses behind in a south end motel, and they're still looking for a second suspect.

A housekeeper at the Comfort Inn on Dixie Highway found a FedEx envelope left behind by the men who, had just checked out of the hotel 30 earlier.

"She got in to do her normal cleaning and inside she located an envelope which contained these forged IDs," said Shively Police Det. Josh Myers.

Police say the envelope held 20 Pennsylvania drivers licenses. The IDs were all brand-new, each with the same picture but different names, addresses and identification numbers.

"I'd say to the general person they would never even question it," Myers said. "But certainly gave question to us to find out why he had possession of these and what else was going on."

Hotel managers called police. Before officers arrived, 22-year-old Jafar Sodiqov returned to the hotel, and asked to gain access to the room being investigated.

"He had left is car running just outside of the hotel," Myers said, "and an officer was in the process of looking over the vehicle.  When he noticed the officer and the officer noticed him at the same time, he took off running down the hallway of the hotel."

Investigators say Sodiqov  made it to the back of the building, but became trapped by an 8-foot chain-link fence with barbed wire across the top.

Officers took Sodiqov into custody without incident.

Detectives say Sodiqov lives in New York but is only in the United States on a student visa from Tajikistan.

They are looking for another man who checked into the hotel with Sodiqov, who may also be in the country on a visa from Uzbekistan.

They don't know why the men came to Kentucky, or what he planned to do with the forged IDs.

"We know what we have.  Now it's what scope, what broader magnitude does this case carry," Det. Myers says.  "So certainly we're continuing the investigation to see if they are tied to anything else."

The investigation is ongoing.

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