Hope helping families deal with the loss of a loved one

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Family members affected by violent death came together on Sunday to deal with their grief.

Sunday afternoon, families attended a ceremony of hope at the Muhammad Ali Center in Downtown Louisville. Organizers said it is a time for families to be together in what is called a healing space. Victim's families brought photos, worked on art projects in memory of their loved ones, chatted, prayed, sang songs, and talked about their pain.

Gloria Chatmond said she can relate to many of the families she saw at the center. "When I'm talking about 'it's like it happened yesterday'...it's something you never get over. You never get over somebody being murdered," Chatmond said.

Chatmond's sister, Cynthia Sweeney Brown, was killed in 1995. Chatmond said her sister's ex-husband Nathaniel Brown, a former Courier Journal photographer, was convicted of murder. Sixteen years have passed by and for Chatmond and her family, the pain has never gotten easier. Chatmond said their family shares memories of Cynthia Sweeney Brown to her 5 grandchildren.

"She'll never be a part of their lives and she would have loved that. It tears me up. She would have loved that," Chatmond said.

Chatmond said Nathaniel Brown died in prison a few months ago.

If you are in a similar situation and lost someone to a violent death whether it was a murder or suicide and you need support, there are two numbers to call.

*24 hour care line 1(800) 264-0521

*Grief Counseling Center 456-5451

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