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Rubbertown resident captures pictures of explosion

Leslie Pennington Leslie Pennington

By Katie Bauer email | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – After the explosion, there was a lot of chaos inside the plant, but it was outside where one Rubbertown resident was able to watch it all unfold right before his eyes and his camera lens.

For Leslie Pennington, it was a beautiful night to be outside and try out his new electronic. "I was testing my camera, and I seen the explosion and I just started taking pictures," said Pennington.

Pennington says he was about a tenth of a mile away from Carbide Industries chemical plant, but says he still felt the shock.

"It was scary and I was basically trying to warn the neighbors to get in the house all at the same time that the explosion was going on," said Pennington.

All while capturing the moment when a huge dark cloud of smoke filled the air. "It smelled like a roman candle, you know like the after effects of roman, but it was much more magnified," said Pennington.

He's says about 15 minutes after the explosion he heard a warning siren. "It was real faint, it was really, really faint," said Pennington.

Even hours later, he was still feeling the effects from being near the plant. "I still taste sulfur in my mouth and I have headache, even right now," said Pennington.

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