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Frayser 2nd grader talks about injured classmate

Julian Marin Julian Marin
Lauren Roberts Lauren Roberts
Ashley Hammond Ashley Hammond

By Jon Chrisos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There are still a lot of questions about what happened inside a bathroom at a JCPS elementary school where a student was seriously hurt. Frayser Elementary parents say the second grader was found hanging from a hook in the bathroom by his shirt.

"I kept calling him to see if he was OK, but the second time I called him he wasn't answering me. I went in and the stall door was locked," said Julian Marin, a fellow second grade student.

Lauren Roberts, a JCPS spokesperson, says the students were taking a bathroom break and a teacher was right outside the restroom.

"No one heard or saw anything out of the ordinary absolutely nothing, and again, the door was standing wide open. The teacher was standing right there," said Roberts.

Parents told us the boy was found hanging on a hook on a stall door. Police will not confirm that and will only say after a few minutes, a security guard went in and found the boy unconscious.

Principal Terri Durham of Frayser Elementary sent a letter home with kids after the incident and another letter Thursday.

"I think what we do want to assure the parents that this was isolated. Right now, we believe it's a medical issue with this child," Roberts said.

But parents say they are still worried and frustrated not knowing exactly what's going on and want more answers.

"I didn't appreciate the letter," said Ashley Hammond, the parent of a Frayser student. "The letter said a medical issue. I think we should have known more because I don't think I would have sent my daughter to school."

Louisville Metro Police are now part of this investigation. The school will have counselors for students who want to talk starting Friday morning.

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