Prosecution describes Brent Burke's history of intimidation

Brent Burke
Brent Burke

Posted by Amy Kelch - email

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - A lack of emotion and no signs of robbery were part of the key testimony for the prosecution in the Brent Burke murder trial. The former soldier is accused of killing his estranged wife Tracy Burke and her former mother in law in Tracy's Rineyville home in 2007.

Tracy's brother, David James Wilburn, took the stand to describe his phone call to Brent Burke after he learned of the murders.

"I said Tracy and Karen have been murdered," said Wilburn. "He responded back with what sounded to be a fake sob, and he screamed 'I'm going to kill the son of a bitch who did this'. There was a little moment in time, a pause, there was no questions. I wasn't responding back to him, and then finally I said 'Well you didn't even ask me about the kids. I'm en route to get the kids."

A Kentucky state trooper also testified saying that the home showed no signs of robbery and that nothing was disrupted or missing, including Tracy Burke's purse. The prosecution painted Brent Burke as a man with a history of intimidation and domestic violence.

Wilburn described how he once ended up in the middle of a dangerous act by Brent Burke.

"He was harassing her," said Wilburn. "He was following her, threatening her, chasing her in vehicles, he was out of control. During that incident, I actually had to call him while he was chasing her to tell him to pull over to the side of the road and direct Tracy to the local police department."

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