Three out on MSD board; upset customer disrupts meeting

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Changes from the top down are under way at MSD, as three board members have been let go.

"The perception is that there could be a potential abuse," said MSD Executive Director Bud Schardein.

That resulted in three board members stepping down, after an investigation revealed they had a financial interest in companies doing business with MSD.

"There was never any allegation of any illegality; however, I can understand public perception," Schardein said.

This comes on the heels of recent scandal regarding a Metro Council member, making officials undoubtedly wanting to nip this in the bud immediately.

"I agree with Mayor Greg Fischer, who has said there needs to be concrete language that precludes a board member or a family member of a board member from doing business while serving on the board of MSD," Schardein said.

With that, the MSD ethics code has been updated, for the first time since 2003, to include this:

"A board member or any organization in which a board member has a financial interest shall not pursue a MSD purchase, contract, or subcontract," Schardein read aloud at the Monday, March 28 meeting.

Schardein says that despite the just-approved measure, those gone did nothing wrong.

"The three board members in question I can attest are honorable people and they haven't done anything illegal," Schardein said.

Right after the resolution was passed, things spiraled out of order when the board decided to pass a motion to go in to executive session.

"Excuse me," said an upset MSD customer.

"You're out of order sir," newly-appointed board chairman Arnold J. Celentano started to say.

"I've wanted to ask this board a question. Will there ever be accommodations for...," the upset customer continued.

"Can we finish the motion please," a disgruntled Celentano continued.

"Will there ever be accommodations for the public to address issues," the upset customer shouted.

To watch the full outburst, click the video link in this story.

The customer was upset, saying he's tried to get a meeting with MSD officials to discuss his rates and service, as well as more transparency within the agency.

Despite the outburst, the board was able to get into its closed door meeting.

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