Prune Trees For Longer Life

By Cindi Sullivan

(LOUISVILLE, September 8th, 2003, 3:30 p.m.) -- If you want your mature trees to last year after year, you'll need to do some periodic pruning. Our garden expert Cindi Sullivan has some tips.

Proper pruning is essential in developing a tree with a strong structure and a desirable form. Mature trees will need pruning on a regular basis to ensure a long and healthy life. Mature trees should be pruned every three years or so by a professional like Robert Rollins with Greenhaven Tree Care.

Rollins says pruning "keeps the deadwood out, we raise the lower limbs so that light can get down to the garden and we thin them out a little bit to let the wind and snow get through it."

Professionals will prune a tree from inside and high up in the tree as well as from the ground. They prune some of the branches from the tips to shorten them up and shape the tree and promote a shorter, stouter limb that again will be a stronger limb.

Mature shade trees are a valuable part of the landscape and care needs to be taken to protect them.