Cats fan get decked out in blue

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - UK fans are trying to score some tickets to Saturday's game against UCONN and they're proudly sporting their Wildcat gear to support the team.

The claws are out for fans!

"I'm as excited as can be," said UK Fan Steve Parker.

Cats fans are thrilled about the trip to the final four. Since their win over North Carolina, blue is in high demand at local stores. Fan Outfitters off Shelbyville Road was packed on Monday.

"Got the black final four shirt," said Parker. "Obviously something to be excited about. And a couple of other KY basketball shirts."

Judy Fryer is a cats fan.

"For 63 years I've been one," said Fryer. She says it's time to upgrade her gear but, vintage never goes out of style.

"I bought my jacket in 1997 after they won the '96 championship," said Parker.

Her jacket is full of memories.

"I took it to a place on Bardstown road and they put '98 in leather here and on the back of my jacket," said Fryer.

Something Steve Parker also remembers.

"I remember exactly when KY hit the 3 pointer to go up and basically put the game away against Duke," said Parker. :I started working the phones and we immediately bought airplane fare and headed to San, Antonio."

With five days to go...

"I'm not sure I'll wear anything that doesn't say KY on it," said Parker.

Fans hope that their support will bring the big blue nation another victory.

"Gives you chills that they made such a comeback," said Fryer. "I'm gonna pull for them all the way."

A Fan Outfitter manager tells WAVE 3, they printed the final four shirts ahead of time. They keep their fingers crossed that the team would win. If the cats had lost Sunday, the shirts would have been donated to victims in Japan and Haiti.

If you want to go to Houston to cheer on the Cats, it's gonna cost you. Package deals are expensive, that information is posted on the WAVE 3 sports page.

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