Dishon Family Speaks for First Time Since Daughter's Suspected Killer Set Free

By David McArthur

(LOUISVILLE, September 11th, 2003) -- A family remembered Jessica Dishon Wednesday night, but could only wait for justice. The 17-year-old from Bullitt County disappeared four years ago. One week ago, all charges were dropped against the suspected killer. For the first time since, the Dishons talked exclusively with David McArthur the latest developments in the case.

In a reunion of family and friends Wednesday, togetherness was overshadowed by absence. The candlelight vigil marked the 4-year anniversary of Jessica Dishon's murder.

"I want to live to see justice for her," said Edna Dishon, Jessica Dishon's mother. "The people that done this to her have to be punished, and I know there's someone out there that knows something they're not telling."

The man once charged, David "Bucky" Brooks, is now free. Charges were dropped after a mistrial and a prosecutors concern over lack of evidence for a new trial. The Dishons are disappointed but understand the decision.

"If we'd have went to court, and they found him not guilty, he could have turned around and said 'ha ha, I did it.' Now Mike Mann (prosecutor) can take his time, and they will convict Bucky Brooks because he is the killer," said Jessica father, Mike.

But after four years, proving anyone as the killer will not be easy. The once wooded crime scene is now bull-dozed. Much of the evidence was mishandled or lost, and there are questions if it was even collected legally.

The Dishons are not as supportive of the detective's boss, Sheriff Paul Parsley.

"What kind of sheriff is that?" asked Mike. "We don't need him. I could have gone to school and got a couple kindergartners and done a better job than what he's done."

The vigil was a reunion of frustrated family and friends where perhaps justice will attend next year.

"I believe she's looking down on us," Mike said.

At the vigil, Jessica's friends and family found hope, though they have lost faith in the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department. They say what they need now is some outside investigators to finally bring justice for Jessica.

David "Bucky" Brooks has maintained his innocence through his arrest, the mistrial and now freedom. His own investigators believe others are to blame for Dishon's murder and have offered to share their information with the prosecutor.

Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Mann says the case is still open, and Brooks remains a suspect.

Online Reporter: David McArthur

Online Producer: Jim Hice