Brown icon going green

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's a colorful day at UPS.  For a company that's all about it's brown iconic logo, a white tank symbolizes the company's increased efforts to go green.

"We use a B5 blend of bio diesel to reduce our environmental impact as well as reduce our dependency on foreign oil," said William Jacob, VP UPS airline ground support equipment.

The soybean substance will sit in one of the Kentucky-made tanks that installed Monday, and will be added to diesel.

"B5 is 5% of bio fuels; bio fuels and bio diesel is made from soybean oil, recycled cooking grease, some grasses and other bio mass products that are renewable.

It's good news for cutting down on our dependency of foreign fuels, while also helping Kentucky farmers, which experts say won't impact our prices at the store.

"We have two products that come when you crush the soybean; we have a soybean meal and soybean oil and the oil is used for bio diesel, the meal is then used for food products and animal feed," Vincent said.

The fuel won't actually be used in the giant airplanes, but in the support vehicles on the ground and officials estimate that'll be some 300 vehicles.

That number could grow as times goes on, and could one day expand to the airplanes.

"We've got to walk before we can run; reliability is the foremost in our airline; we've got to provide our service to our customers, so as we get into technologies, we get in with a small percentage," Jacob said.

And it's all part of a bigger percentage for ups to cut its carbon footprint by 20% come 2020.

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