Average gas prices higher in Indiana than Kentucky

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The price of gas is more than $3.50 a gallon in all but one state. Kentucky is facing an average of $3.73 a gallon and Indiana $3.86 according to gasbuddy.com. A WAVE 3 crew drove around Kentuckiana and found the highest price in downtown Louisville and lowest in southern Jefferson County.

In New Albany, IN drivers at a BP were not smiling when they were filling-up.

"Over on Grantline the prices is $3.76 (which) really stinks," said Quenna Hogle.

Hogle said she is adjusting her lifestyle to pay for her gas. She lives in Indiana, but works in Louisville.

"I have to pack clothes with me in my car when I go out there and just try to cut back on my trips I make back and forth," said Hogle.

Annie Prescott was also filling-up her SUV. Her bill was $62.33

"That is an extremely large amount of money to spend on gas," said Prescott after pumping.

Prescott says it's not unusual for her to drive 45 miles a day. She lives in Jeffersonville, drives to daycare in New Albany, and works in Louisville.

"I actually have an application on my phone that tells me the cheapest gas and I was floored that within a 20 mile radius there wasn't anything cheaper than $3.76," said Prescott.

The Thortons in Jeffersonville was at $3.78. Gas was even higher when you crossed the River into downtown Louisville. The Shell station was charging $3.89.

"This is absolutely not reasonable," said Mary Stotts after filling-up.

She works at Austin's Painting and Remodeling. She and her crew drive from job to job in a pick-up and cringe when they hit the pump.

"We put $100 in here every two days," said Stotts.

Heading east, prices went up and down.

"We're right here on the corner of Hurstbourne Lane and Shelbyville Road, which is US-60 and the gas price here is $3.55 a gallon, but I just came past a Marathon and it was $3.89 just now," said Bennie Elliott ready to fill-up at the Speedway.

The price dropped even further at Swifty Gas on Preston Highway south of the Watterson Expressway. It was $3.48 a gallon, but an employee says there's not telling how that they will last.

"We follow like Speedway and things on our gas prices and so they've been telling us for about two weeks now that it was going to go up to $3.78, just waiting for it to go," said Jason Janey who works at Swifty

According to the Associated Press oil prices dropped below $112 a barrel Monday, but stay near 30-month highs.

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