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Some worry about waterfront security as Thunder approaches

Barbara Stinson Barbara Stinson
Patricia Tinnell Patricia Tinnell

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It was a sight to see when more than 300 kids gathered at Waterfront Park last week. Police say some of them were just waiting to cause trouble.

"We all live here in the Louisville area and it is getting scary," said Barbara Stinson, a concerned citizen.

Police say some of those teens, who were near the river on Thursday, had guns and were flashing gang signs. One group seriously beat a mentally disabled man who was leaving the Bats game. It's the kind of news that worries Stinson.

"Well that tells me that I don't want to go out of my house to any gathering where there is a lot of people, it is too dangerous for older people," said Stinson.

She's not alone. "I think it will kind of make people hesitate to partake in activities that are offered," said Patricia Tinnell, who is also concerned.

The recent violence even has businesses worried, too. "The Waterfront Park is one of the staples in Louisville," said Drew Park with Wheel Fun Rentals.

Wheel Fun Rentals is a place that relies on people flocking to the waterfront. "We pretty much depend on people trusting this is a nice area and to tarnish that is just going to mess everything up," said Park.

Others hope, the violence on Thursday remains an isolated incident, and doesn't affect future downtown activities.

"There will be a lot more supervision at Thunder and stuff like that so hopefully it will work itself," said Gary Tool, who plans to head downtown Saturday for work. 

Of course there will be lots of security during Thunder over Louisville.  Police say they'll lay out their plans Thursday.

The beating victim is now back at home recovering.

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